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About Us


We are a Plumbing company based in Gauteng. We aim to commit ourselves to give excellent service, quality products, and to keep our customers in the know. Continuous Professional Development is what we do, training our staff and ourselves of all Plumbing regulations and SANS codes of Plumbing.

Safety comes first, always working in a clean and tidy environment and making sure that not just staff but customers as well is and will not be harmed in any way. With 13 years of Plumbing experience, working in construction, maintenance, and also being a sales rep. Having knowledge of all does not make us limited to learning new things, new products and definitely not limiting us to gaining new customers. Communication is important, and therefore we choose to keep our customers updated on products, pricing, promotions, discounts, events and advice. We don't just focus on making profit but building relationships, becoming acquainted with customers.

We use sabs products, well-known brands that is worth the quality. Our Plumbing rates are affordable and cost efficient. We work with integrity and keep our heads up high. We are registered with the Plumbing Industry Registration Board (PIRB).

Hudson Plumbing Projects is the name that can be your service provider for all your Bathroom & Plumbing needs.


Having 13 years’ experience in the plumbing sector, we strive to also provide an excellent service to all of our clients. Having established good relationships with businesses and service providers in this industry, we are able to negotiate the best prices for our clients. We believe in trust, honesty and acting in an ethical manner when rendering services to all of our clients.

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